Which Tea Type Are YOU?

Tea has been enjoyed by many cultures for centuries thanks to its refreshing and revitalizing properties, but it is only in recent years that scientists have confirmed the many beneficial properties of this beverage, which is high in antioxidants which can help fight off the free radical damage associated with aging.

All true teas come from the same plant, a bush known as Camellia Sinensis, but the differences in processing the leaves result in different types of tea. Here’s a breakdown of the different tea types:

Green Tea: Green tea is produced when the leaves of the tea plant are simply steamed, rolled and dried. This tea has a light, almost grassy flavor and high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols.greentea

Black Tea: Black tea is made using the same leaves as green tea, only the leaves go through a longer oxidation and fermentation process, which leads to its darker color and stronger flavor. The process means that black tea also has higher levels of caffeine and tannins than green tea.icedtea

Red Tea: In the West, we refer to the color of the tea leaves, and thus call it “black tea” — but the Chinese refer to the color of the brewed drink, which is why black tea is often called red tea in China. Another kind of red “tea” called ‘Rooibos’ isn’t technically a tea as it comes from an entirely different plant, the Aspalathus linearis or red bush plant from South Africa.redtea

9 thoughts on “Which Tea Type Are YOU?

    • I spell my middle name Elisabeth instead of Elizabeth cuz my mom liked the old English way to spell it…random, i know but I was just thinking that cuz of you’re name 🙂


      • Between you and me- there was an error on my birth certificate, my middle name is spelt ‘Elisabeth’ there and my mum never quite got over it!
        Lisabeth is the correct Welsh spelling that she picked out 😀 Nx

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  1. I enjoy white tea at dawn; Green mid morning; oloong as the afternoon approaches; black as the tea time comes and the day finishes so I enjoy puerh … yes love the blog and tea!! lovely combo xx

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  2. I’ve always felt that I was something like a chai tea, something strong with a little spice to it, but I also enjoy drinking earl gray and smelling the bergamot. However I’ve tested both teas for painting and they’ve sadly both failed. The pigment doesn’t get strong enough. I need to acquire more fruit teas for that.

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