Raspberry Green Tea Smoothie

What’s better than a berry good recipe? How about a rasp-berry good recipe!

Today, let’s mix up the ever seasonal raspberry with the Café’s traditional green tea, throwing in a banana or two, adding in some honey, and then finally blending it all together to create our tantalizing Raspberry Green Tea Smoothie.

You’ll be making this recipe all summer long so make sure you have enough raspberries and Green Tea to last you until the end of August!

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Raspberry Green Tea Smoothie

Yields 2 smoothies


-1 cup Organic Green Tea, steeped and chilled

-1/3 cup plain 2% Greek yogurt

-1/2 pint raspberries (about 1 cup), fresh or frozen

-1 large banana, fresh or frozen

-1 tablespoon agave or honey

-1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean or vanilla extract

-1/2 cup ice


1.Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

2.Enjoy and share a picture with us!

TIP: To prevent the honey or agave sticking to your tablespoon, use the vanilla extract or plain water (if using vanilla bean) so the spoon is wet. The honey or agave will slide right off!

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Pineapple Mint Green Tea Smoothie

The sun is coming out, the seasons have changed, and you’re in need of a refreshing and delicious drink. As Mother Nature handles the first two items, we’re more than happy to provide you with the third.

For today’s Barista Bulletin, we decided to welcome in the sunny weather with a tropical fruit that’s known just as much for its intimidating exterior as it is for its citrusy flavor.

It’s time to break out the blender and enjoy as one of our signature products gets a tropical twist.

Pineapple Mint Green Tea Smoothie


-8-10 oz of fresh, ripe pineapple

-1 pear

-Large handful of baby spinach leaves

-Half a handful of fresh mint (you can throw in the stalks too)

-1/2 cup of cooled down Organic Green Tea

-Large handful of ice


-Chop up the fruit roughly and chuck everything into a blender.

-Whizz the heck out of it.

-Go slowly up to speed 10 and then blend for about one and a half to two minutes

-Make sure it’s all smooth.

-Pour into glasses

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